April 6
  The Warm-Up
Pregame online discussions in our forum help to get us reflecting on the past 25 years. Add your story, and get acquainted with the tools.
May 5
  City-wide Kickoff

All players should attend the Kickoff gathering at the Monroe County Public Library Auditorium. You will be assigned to small teams, get details about the game, and be tasked with generating ideas to shape the future of Bloomington. The auditorium will be available from 6:30p through 9p, but the main presentation will begin at 7p and will last no more than an hour. You are encouraged to interact with your group members and get technical assistance after the presentations have ended.

This is an important event to attend.
May 6


May 11
  The Game
Teams will work together at your own pace throughout the week to generate a solution for a better future. Daily in-person meetings are encouraged but not required to actively participate with your assigned group. Each individual will received information each day to share with team members as you respond to daily video messages from the main character in our game narrative. Teams earn points for their online participation and for solving puzzles that lead into locations around Bloomington.
  Training Sessions
Each day, SociaLens has arranged for two short introductory sessions about common digital platforms. There will be about 20 minutes of instruction on how to create an account and start using the tools, with time for one-on-one assistance with specific questions. Seating is limited, but these sessions will also be streamed over the Internet.
Friday, May 6 Twitter – Jason Barnett, IU Office of Creative Services
Bloomingpedia – Mark Krenz, Bloomingpedia
11:30a - 1:00pRoom 1A
Saturday, May 7 Facebook – Bob Molnar, IU Office of Creative Services
Foursquare – Kevin Makice, SociaLens
11:30a - 1:00pRoom 1A
Monday, May 9 Basecamp – Will Emigh, Studio Cypher
Flickr – Christian Briggs, SociaLens
11:30a - 1:00pRoom 1A
Tuesday, May 10 Google Docs – Christian Briggs, SociaLens
YouTube – Kevin Makice, SociaLens
11:30a - 1:00pRoom 1A
Wednesday, May 11 WordPress – Ian Pottmeyer, Studio Cypher
Dropbox – Drew McKinney, Bloomingsoft
11:30a - 1:00pRoom 1C
All sessions take place at the Monroe County Public Library.
May 12
  Solution Summit
The finale for Taming the Butterfly will be a special Ignite Bloomington event at the City Hall Council Chambers, beginning at 7p. This large group session will feature short presentations by each team to showcase the best ideas for Bloomington's future. The "Ignite talk" format will be used, limiting each presentation to 5 minutes and 20 slides, each automatically advancing after 15 seconds. The talks will be recorded digitally for future discussion.